Are you eating enough?

Surprisingly, under-eating can be just as damaging as over-eating. It can bring your metabolism to a grinding halt, and not give you the results you’re looking for.

You might not be eating enough if:
✔ Your weight isn’t budging (stalled metabolism)
✔ You feel stressed or anxious all the time
✔ You’re eating under approx 1200 calories per day
✔ You’re constantly tired
✔ Have no energy when you work out
✔ Have trouble falling or staying asleep
✔ Insatiable food cravings, binges or are always thinking about food
✔ Have a hard time waking up
✔ Have cold hands and feet
✔ Your food journal resembles a toddler
✔ Labels on your food say “fat free”, “sugar free” or “low calorie”
✔ Your blood sugar is on a roller coaster
✔ Your moods are totally unpredictable
✔ Chronic constipation

Not sure if you’re eating enough? Connect with me, and I’d be happy to review your food log to ensure you’re getting enough nourishment throughout the day.

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