Before people start incorporating NUTRITIONAL CLEANSING at the cellular level, most think clean eating, staying hydrated and exercise was what we needed to get results. Decades ago, maybe.
It has been scientifically proven through third party clinical studies (published globally in Peer REVIEWED publications), that now our bodies truly require MORE.
Most will smash green juices, tuna, veggies, hoping this gets us results. The number one complaint I get from people is that they eat well, exercise and hydrate but are “stuck”.
Nutritional cleansing is designed to enhance the body’s natural ability to cleanse itself, and bring the body back to an alkaline state. Due to our current foods and environment (herbicides, pesticides, toxins everywhere, bankrupt soils, minerally deficient water, ect) our bodies require that EXTRA SUPPORT beyond what the liver can do.
It’s now a fact that our world is making us more sick and the toxic load on our bodies is not allowing us to release viseral fat that people want and need to get rid of, as well as allow people to experience energy, mental clarity, enhanced performance, better quality sleep, and so much more.
As healthy as green smoothies and chicken and broccoli are, they do not deliver everything the body requires to perform, at optimum level, nor does your body absorb the minimal nutrients in there (organic or not).
Why does this system work and why are people changing their lives globally? It ALLOWS the body to rid the impurities naturally, floods the body with pure supplementation to fill nutritional gaps, while assisting and regenerating your body to absorb more nutrition. WIN!

I’m always open to your questions, comments and feedback. I’m always listening!

Yours in health,


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  1. Wendy Dodds Reply

    Hi Lynda! I think it depends on what and how people are supplementing with. I think there is a lot of skeptism around supplementation, and rightly so, as there is so much out there. Our family does choose to supplement, but we’re particular about what we supplement with. We find with our busy lifestyles, it’s designed to fill the gaps we can’t fill on our own. Hope that helps!

  2. Don Holland Reply

    That is, until the cancer comes. Real food is enough despite what this blog says. Powdered food has been processed to the point of harm.
    Real food and exercise is how to get healthy, not so called “all natural” (what a joke that is) powder

  3. Wendy Dodds Reply

    Hi Don! We LOVE real food as part of our lifestyle, thank goodness we love to eat!! I’m so glad you stopped by to share your thoughts. Have a fabulous day!

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