A formerly overweight, tired and uninspired mom, who was going through the typical everyday motions with outward smiles and inward screams.

I decided this was not how my story was going to end. I ditched the excuses, surrounded myself with the right people, filled my body with the best nutrition, and finally got my life together in every way I imagined.

But this isn’t about me! This is about YOU! I spend my time helping people across the globe transform their lives physically and financially, to live a life of unbridled awesomeness!

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For many years I felt like a robot,

living inside a bubble.

Despite all the blessings in my life, I found myself at rock bottom;
obese, depressed, medicated, and stuck in a downward spiral.

I had one pair of pants that fit, my eating was out of control,
couldn’t drag myself out of bed each morning, spent hours
crying, had zero energy, hated my job, had limited patience
with my kids, and truly felt like I forgot how to smile.

My breaking point came when we had company over for a
pool party, and while going down the waterslide, I got stuck,
in front of everyone. When you hit rock bottom, you just
know it.

I was introduced to a nutritional program from a friend,
and having tried everything else that didn’t work,
I decided to give it a shot.

After about a week of incorporating this natural nutrition,
the bloat was subsiding, the tired brain fog had lifted,
my clothes were fitting better, I was sleeping like a
baby, and my kids told me I was a nicer mom.

I felt like I had been given a second chance at life.

I finally helped myself,

and started driving my
life back on track.

I already knew what it felt like to give up – I wanted
to see what it was like if I didn’t. I wanted to be stronger
than my tears and excuses. I wanted to prove that doubt
kills more dreams, than failure ever will.

Today, I’ve kept 53 pounds off, my body fat went
from 35% to 14%, have lean muscles and
a newfound passion and zest for life.

I wrote out clear goals, cleaned out toxic people
and things in my life, found therapy in lifting weights,
and surrounded myself with the right people.

This was no quick-fix diet. It’s an incredible
lifestyle and as a whole family, we continue to
incorporate this nutrition daily (hello time-saver
for busy weeknights with hockey and swim lessons!)

As I move forward to inspire people around the world,
Im living proof that your body can truly withstand
anything. It’s your mind you have to convince.

No excuses. No slipping back into old habits. And most importantly, no judgements!

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