If you buy your protein off a store shelf, take a quick second to read – all protein is not created equal!

Did you know that there are different grades of whey protein in the market space today? What does that even mean?

I’m feeling pretty grateful the one our family uses as part of our lifestyle is Grade 7 quality.

Grade 7 Whey is cold processed and live enzymes are preserved. No acid is ever used during the processing. The final product is the BEST quality undenatured whey in the world and is 99% lactose free. Grade 7 Whey is also:

 Purer than organic
 The king of clean
 Grass fed; never corn
 Free range
 Seasonally milked
 No hormone or antibiotic injections
 Free of heavy metals
 No fillers

Grade 7 Whey is also 97% bioavailability, and is healing and life enhancing. THIS is key!! If your body can’t assimilate what you put into it, nothing will work.

What are Grades 1-6 whey about? Here’s the sad news about the other grades that you might just find in your grocery shelves:
Grades 1 and 2: are equivalent to dog/cat food . These grades are the worst of the worst. Using GMO fed cows, yhey incorporate biowaste animal parts, have no regulation, and are filled with non-protein fillers. There is nothing life enhancing about these grades.
Grades 3-5: are what people buy 90% of the time in the mainstream stores and online supplement websites. These can best be understood as coming from conventional hormone pumped, GMO corn fed, antibiotic injected, and forcefully milked out of season cows. This type of protein many times has heavy metal toxicity levels as well.
Grades 6: A better step in the right direction. Most protein in this class would come from organic cows, however they are not necessarily free range or seasonally milked.

I’m always open to your questions, comments and feedback!

Yours in health,


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